Top ten free powerful windows utility tools

Top ten free powerful & time-saving windows utility tools

In this age of modern technology, nothing can be imagined without a computer (Windows). We use a lot of big software to use the computer in different tasks, but in today’s post, I will talk about some small software, which I hope will be very helpful in different tasks of your computer. Let’s start without exaggerating…..

First checkout of top ten free powerful & time-saving windows utility tools- Everything, Unlocker, Texter, Unchecky, QTTabBar, WinDirStat, Recuva, Ditto, Ninite, TurboTop.

Top ten powerful & time-saving tools | First Part

Search Everything

Everything is a powrfull search tools for windows 7/10/11

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  • Most using software in windows 10

Everything is a device application software program that permits you to locate any document or folder saved for your Windows device. It works blazingly rapidly and gives customers consequences in real-time. While the Everything seeks app doesn’t do whatever aside from look for data, it does this efficiently and without the use of too many device resources. Everything for Windows is a computer search utility that can quickly find files and folders by name.

Is the Everything seek app fully free?

A piece of great news for Everything (search utility), it’s fully free to use. Also, it is published under a free software license that allows modification and commercial redistribution, requiring only attribution. The everyday seek app is unfastened to download and works on all Windows versions, which include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and more. Moreover, the lightweight app doesn’t take in too many device resources, nor does it gradually down your PC.

Top ten powerful & time-saving tools | First Part

Unlocker is a lite weight powerfull tool for windows.

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  • Most using software in windows 10

The software that I will talk about in today’s post number two is also a small but powerful software that can be very important to you! Do you know what is it? Yes, do you know about this powerful software….that is called Unlocker!

Unlocker is a tool that can hint and release the locking safety typically utilized in documents on Microsoft Windows. However, its major use is to terminate the procedures which are the usage of a certain file or pressure the procedures to forestall the usage of the file, so the person can properly delete, rename or move the file.

Some mistakes you would possibly get that Unlocker can assist with include:

  1. Cannot delete file: Access is denied.
  2. There has been a sharing of violence too.
  3. The source file may be in use.
  4. The file is used by another program or user.
  5. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not presently in use.

Top ten powerful & time-saving tools | First Part

Texter is a free Software to replace abbreviations with text.

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  • Most using software in windows 10

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