What is the specialty of the Linux operating system which is different from the others

What is the specialty of the Linux operating system?

The main feature of the Linux operating system is – Linux is not an operating system. Don’t panic. Linux is actually a kernel. Every operating system has a kernel. The kernel of Windows is “Anti”, the kernel of MacOS is “Darwin”. Similarly, the kernel of Android, the popular operating system used in mobile phones, is Linux. Linux is the kernel of not only Android but also Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedra and other operating systems. Thousands of operating systems have been and are being created with Linux. All of these operating systems are called “Linux based operating systems”. So let’s not talk about the features of Linux as an operating system, but let’s talk about the features of “Linux based operating systems”.

Linux is not a Unix, but an alternative to Unix created “like” Unix. On the other hand, made from Apple’s macOS Unix. For that reason, there are a lot of similarities between any Linux based operating system and macOS. They all follow the POSIX standard. Windows, on the other hand, is completely different. Unix has nothing to do with it. Which makes it completely different from any operating system based on macOS and Linux. Just look at the file format of these three types of OS below, then you will understand how different Windows is from the other two.


Although the other two OS are closed source, Linux itself or any Linux based operating system is open source or open source. This means that anyone can work with, modify or modify the code of Linux or any Linux based operating system. Windows or MacOS code, on the other hand, cannot be modified by anyone other than their own company. As a result, any Linux-based operating system is far ahead in terms of security. Because anyone who can read the code can identify an error, they can quickly report the error to the developers concerned, and if necessary, they can fix the error themselves. So any Linux based operating system is more updated than the other two operating systems.

Users are fully free in any Linux-based operating system. You can customize your operating system in any way you like. Any ordinary user can do it, you don’t even need to know the ins and outs of the code. That’s why any operating system based on the same Linux looks different to different users. Where all users look exactly the same as Windows or macOS.
Because MacOS or any Linux-based operating system follows POSIX from the beginning, they are structurally more secure than Windows. That’s why Windows has a lot of security flaws, but it’s much less common on macOS or Linux based operating systems.
Not only computers but most of the world’s web servers run on Linux, from mobile phones to microwave ovens, from refrigerators to TVs, from cars to supercomputers.

Let’s conclude. If the operating systems could talk to the user, their conversation would be much like the following.

  • Windows would tell its users: “Whatever you want, but I have to do it to a limited extent. And you have to do it only with the applications that I have given. No code can be changed here. And keep me with anti-virus in advance, otherwise, I can play twelve of your work when I get sick. “
  • macOS used to tell its users: “Do whatever you want, but do as I tell you. Do as I say. Don’t try to go beyond that.”
  • Linux used to tell its users: “I don’t care what you do, how you do it. You own your computer, I don’t the owner of your computer. If what I’m giving you seems inadequate, take this code, make it yourself.” If you can’t make it yourself, ask someone else with a code to make it. You are free in your kingdom. “

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